Las Vegas, NV– World Champion competitive shooter, Athena Lee of Team Armscor will appear on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime to discuss why many women in the US are becoming new firearm owners.

“The old misconceptions of what it means to be a firearm owner are disappearing,” said Lee. “Adult women actively engaged in defense and recreational shooting are one of the fastest-growing groups in the shooting sports and represent 37-percent of our industry.”

The segment focuses on reinforcing the importance of firearms education, training and safety along with a public debut of the Rock Island Armory “Baby Rock”, a pistol designed for female concealed carry.

The new pistol holds 7 rounds and retails at an affordable price of $459, with an anticipated release of Q2 2015.

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About Team Armscor’s Athena Lee
: Born and raised in the Philippines, Athena Lee was introduced to guns as a competitive sport at an early age. By the early 90’s Athena found her calling and entered the world of competition shooting. In 1999 she won her first IPSC World Women’s Open Championship.

In the years to come Athena would show her dominance in the shooting world with multiple 1st place finishes:

World Speed Shooting Open Women’s Championship 2002 & 2003
Australasian Championships Women’s Open Championship 2001 & 2007
USPSA Nationals Open Women’s Championship in 2002 and 2007.

In 2008 Athena won the IPSC World Women’s Open Championship and won the gold as a member of the Women’s World USA Team at the same event. She also helped the Women’s World USA Team win the Team Gold at the World Shoot in Greece.

Athena is one of the original instructors for Babes with Bullets, a traveling firearms education academy offering training to women of novice and intermediate shooting ability.

About The Balancing Act
The Balancing Act is America’s premier morning show that brings today’s busy on-the-go modern women positive solutions and cutting-edge ideas to help balance and enrich their lives every day.

Hosts Julie Moran and Olga Villaverde bring fun, entertaining and informative segments with expert guests who talk about the hottest topics relevant to women today — from easy recipes, style and beauty makeovers, travel destinations, pet parenting ideas, and the latest innovations in health and wealth.

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