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Upgraded Features

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TCM Series

Delivering over 2000fps in a handgun offering both single stack and high capacity options, the TCM series introduces the most potent and versatile 1911 in the market today. It features light recoil without sacrifice in muzzle energy and penetrating impact abilities.

  • 22 TCM Cartridge in 1911 Format
  • Delivering Over 2000fps
  • Light Recoil & High Muzzle Energy
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TAC Series

The TAC series is Rock Island Armory’s most versatile, all-around 1911 and includes precise engineering elements built with every tactical advantage and choice you could want. This is the choice for all serious 1911 buyers that want an option for how it will serve them in both tactical and classic applications.

  • Most Versatile, All-Around 1911
  • 45ACP, 10mm, 40 S&W and 9mm
  • Every Tactical Advantage & Choice You Want
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Rock Series

The Rock series is one of our most well-optioned lines of 1911 pistols built in the traditional 70 series design with the addition of next level upgrades. Like all Rock Island 1911s, each is built using 4140 Ordnance steel on the industry's best CNC machines while being hand-fitted and tested to strict tolerance guidelines for unmatched quality and value.

  • Traditional 70 Series Design
  • 45ACP, 10mm, 40 S&W and 9mm
  • Upgraded Rear Sights/Front Sight Options
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GI Series

Famous for its simple, reliable and durable 70 Series design, the Rock Island GI series delivers everything you'd expect. The frame and slide are built from 4140 steel and include button rifled barrels. And each pistol is hand fitted and inspected to strict tolerances.

  • 70 Series Design
  • 4140 Steel with Button Rifled Barrels
  • Versatile and Durable
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BBR Series

The world’s most reliable, well-optioned, no-nonsense 1911 packed into a true compact 1911. While engineered for carry and storage in the smallest form, the Baby Rock series is built with all the right options for a functional personal defense firearm.

  • True Compact 1911
  • Solid 4140 Ordinance Steel
  • Easy & Comfortable Concealed Carry
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XT Series

Intelligently engineered with a pinned solid state barrel design and delayed blow back slide that rivals accuracy. This series also includes a 22lr tactical, 22lr /45 ACP combo and 22lr standard option. The XT series is backed by Rock Island Armory’s closely managed, hand-fitted quality process and created in 4140 steel.

  • Well Optioned, High Quality & Multi Caliber Design
  • 22 Magnum Caliber 1911
  • 22LR Tactical, 22LR /45 ACP combo & 22LR standard
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Pro Series

What happens when you take a target grade pistol and put it into the hands of a gunsmith for tuning before it goes out the door? You're looking at it. These beauties are ready to perform at competition level right out of the box.

  • Dealer Ready for Competition
  • Match Class Race Gun
  • Perform with Perfection
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Revolver Series

Reliability and durability come standard in the Rock Island revolver series. It starts with a classic design and is carried through in a compact size for an everyday firearm that will stand the test of time.

  • Classic Design Self Defense/Concealed Carry
  • Solid Steal Design with Fixed Front Sight
  • Smooth Channel Frame Cut Rear Sight
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MAPP Series

The MAP/MAPP series provides a light and capable double action service grade pistol for concealed carry and self defense. Weighing in at a meager 2.39 pounds fully loaded, this series is versatile and comes in full- and mid-size options to match your preference.

  • Concealed Carry & Self Defense Use
  • 2.39 Pounds Fully Loaded
  • Full and Mid-Size
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Shotgun Series

Rock Island Armory takes advantage of a proven and reliable shotgun design that includes current technology options for sporting, self defense and tactical needs. Options include semi auto, pump and break action operation. This is good stuff.

  • Sporting, Self Defense & Tactical Needs
  • Old School 12-Gauge
  • Semi Auto, Pump & Break Action Operation
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Rifle Series

Rock Island Armory rifles are the real deal. Built to last and engineered to perform, you'll find plenty of value in each and every one. Check out the TCM Rifle exclusively chambered for Armscor's signature .22 TCM caliber. Its 5-round mag can be interchanged with the 17-round TCM pistol mag to turn it into a high-capacity dream.

  • Semi-Automatic and Bolt Action
  • New M22 22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle
  • High Quality with Affordability
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Conversion Kits

Want to shoot the new 22TCM9R? We've got you covered. Swap out your complete top end with our conversion kits and make plans to hit the range. It's another way we're making it easy to shoot ultra-fun calibers.

  • Experience Exclusive 22TCM9R Round
  • Quick and Easy Installation
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